Japanese cuisine is attractive because of the typical Japanese ways of selecting materials that take advantage of each season,as well as the delicate and beautiful presentation of dishes embellished with some seasonal touch .
They are also popular in foreign countries due to their healthiness with ingredients consisting mainly fish and pork cutlet.
At our shop, since the English version menu with description is prepared, I can place an order in comfort.


Popular Menu・・・The Cooking product of Miso-pork cutlet and a Flavor- pork cutlet, and Basic a pork cutlet,a Roast meat, a Bowle dish, cooking article guidance of fish and shellfishes etc,
Launch Menu・・・The contents introduction of a launch service article of daytime limitation.
Party course Menu・・・Contents introduction classified by course of dainty and refined Japanese dishes.
Takeout,Others・・・ntroduction of takeout foods, a la carte dish and shop location guidance.
Oprating relation・・・A corporate outline, guidance about Operating relation, and opinion mail.